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::: 13. April 2006

 :: One for the Night: Tonight Let's All Make Love in London 

imagePeter Whitehead’s 1967 documentary of London scene in the swinging-60’s is a visual treat for Mod enthusiasts everywhere. Featuring a who’s-who of the scene, Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London is a visual patchwork of 60’s culture, seen through the eyes of the people leading it. Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Vanessa Redgrave, Allen Ginsberg, and Julie Christie are all here, alongside counter-culture artists and other musicians who helped shape their generation and future ones to come.

Most of the musical content comes in the form of extremely rare concert footage and inside studio recording sessions, while other segments include candid interviews, strange political demonstration footage, and even a segment on the radical art of body painting! Yes, politics and sex are on the palette here as the psychedelic soundtrack from a very young Pink Floyd, swirls and pushes the film on towards the climax of it’s brisk 70 minute running time.

Languishing in distribution limbo for too long, Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London is a fitting testimonial to the changing times in the mid-60’s and one that should be able to live on in the years to come for the young and old to look back on and enjoy. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide, The New York Times.

[Quicktime, 70 min, 570 MB]. 

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