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ITW in your mailbox:  This is a low frequency newsletter which is published roughly 4 times a year. It compiles business news and activities from e-mediate Ltd. and TextLab, the publishers of this web magazine. We mainly address our actual, former and future clients, but it is open to everyone who likes to know what's going on.

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ITW on your site:  You are welcome to integrate our news stream into your own site. All you need to do is include this Javascript sniplet in your page (on a single line please):

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Here is how it might look like.

ITW via syndicated news streams: these news are also syndicated, that is distributed by
Userland (channel 4465) and NewsIsFree (channel 2169). We are indexed at Assimilate The Net , the MIT Blogdex Index and Syndic8.

These sites act very similar to Press Agencies like Reuters or DPA, besides that they deliver their services for free. You'll find commercial press there (e.g. Spiegel, c't, New York Times etc) and private "public journalism" web logs in great variety. You can log in, get a free news page and read real time news to your heart's content.

ITW on your sidebar: modern browsers like Mozilla, Netscape 6 or Opera 5 provide a place for users to keep connected to what is important to them: the Sidebar. Just click on one of the links on the front page and ITW is added to your sidebar directory. The news are updated each hour automatically.