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31 May 2001

Gosh - we are spotted! - While still running in alpha, this notes have been spotted already. Schockwellenreiter, master of Deutsch-Blog, asks "first trial of a commercial weblog?" Yessir, fully professional egg shell steamboat builders.

vom Schockwellenreiter:
"[Noch einmal meine Referers]: Der erste Versuch eines kommerziellen Weblogs? However, das Weblog von TextLab verlinkt heute in seinem letzten Eintrag auf einen Artikel im (alten) Schockwellenreiter."

Kein Wunder, Mann, viele Deiner Links auf der neuen Site sind noch so verlinkt. muchos gracias anyway, und Grüße nach Berlin. (May 31., 2001, )

27 May 2001

We didn't like other 3D renderers. So we developed a new one. - The 3D animation network renderer CINEMA 4D NET, which we co-developed with Maxon during an EC project, is now part of their main product, CINEMA 4D.

As Maxon's CEO Harald Schneider reports, the Net package is a smashing commercial success, probably one of the best commercial results of an EC SME project. The package is avaliable for Windows9x, ME, NT, 2000; Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Do we need to say that a major reason for us in helping to e-mediate Ltd..co.uk/hpcin4d/" target="_blank">develop this renderer was that we couldn't find one that fulfilled our requirements? We don't need to say that. Acctually 3D animation has been part of our business since many years, and while computing power gets more and more sufficient for most purposes, it seems to be never enough for 3D animation software. A network renderer like Cinema NET distributes the calculation processes to as many machines as you want, and thus increases production time and cost drastically.

Already during the development, the project HPCin4D received the "MacWelt Award 1999", a major commercial award, and was presented at the pan-European IST 99 industry fair. (May 27., 2001, )

Voila: the new e-mediate office in France - In response to growing business opportunities across the EU, e-mediate has opened an office in France.

Situated in the Languedoc, the new office is close to the important industrial and commercial centres of Toulouse and Barcelona. The area has excellent communications with good connections from the nearby airports at Toulouse and Carcassone and via the TGV.
(May 27., 2001, )

25 Mai 2001

Hello World! -

Das Pferd frisst keinen Gurkensalat. (Mai 25., 2001, )